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  • news-01Pre-engagement shoot

    Pre- wedding shoot is all about the announcement of a wedding. Its just ringing the temple bell before entering the religious temple.A grand wedding announcement takes place with a pre-wedding and it has to be out of box , weather in some historical please or the switzerland of india -Udaipur and if its udaipur it has to be on lake pichola,Udaivilas.

  • news-01UDAIVILAS

    The Oberoi Udaivilas Udaipur, in the heart of Rajasthan, is a city of majestic palaces and beautiful lakes. Here, adorning the banks of Lake Pichola and standing witness to the historic City Palace, The Oberoi Udaivilas captures the romance and splendour of a royal era. Conceived as a traditional Indian palace, The Oberoi Udaivilas showcases the rich heritage of the Mewar region of Rajasthan with its rambling courtyards, gentle rippling fountains, reflection pools and verdant gardens. Grand architecture inspired by the palaces of Rajasthan present a picture of majesty resplendent with pavilions and domes that lead you to a journey of discovery. Interiors embellished with decorative domes, hand painted frescoes, intricate mirror work and beautifully crafted artefacts create an ambience of regal splendour. An enchanting boat ride across Lake Pichola transports you to the ceremonial welcome that awaits you at the resort. Rooms with terraces that open on to semi-private swimming pools present exquisite views and are a unique feature of The Oberoi Udaivilas. Magnificently decorated suites with private swimming pools and outdoor dining pavilions are exclusive retreats. Fine international cuisine, authentic flavours of Rajasthan or a quiet drink are all presented with views of the City Palace and Lake Pichola. The luxurious spa with its own swimming pool overlooks the lake and is a haven of serenity. Trained therapists pamper body and soul with rejuvenating treatments. The resort also offers private Yoga sessions, meditation and Pranayam sessions with the resident Yoga teacher. At The Oberoi Udaivilas, the magnificent setting combines with royal service to make your holiday a journey into the romance and grandeur of another century. The resort offers an experience created exclusively for those who know there is nothing like too much luxury...


    WEDDING attire has to be colourful and classy , because snaps do come well when their is mix and match of colours at the same time one should remember that the attire should tailored fit and no lousy fit would be considered .

  • news-01WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY - A Very Creative Profession

    What is Wedding Photography? Provide a photography package to the clients’ ready to get married. You can assign two or more photographers in either hourly package or a fixed price package meeting the desires of the client. Advantages: This is a creative yet a very challenging job to start working from home. You can start as a part time photographer to learn the techniques and in due course of time you can build your supply of equipments. Challenges: Everything has its share of challenges. Photographic conditions like light, weather or a huge variety of subjects or event going on a wedding can change at any point of time. You need to be very strong with your technical knowledge in order to make split seconds decision to work smoothly in any unfriendly situations. The Market: Clients, who are couples actually, seeks various photographic documentations. From photo journalistic to edited, they seek all sorts of photography. What You'll Need to Get Started: You will need a camera obviously. Preferably a DSLR. You will need vast knowledge to edit those photos. A computer to use those editing software. Other than these, you will also need Business cards, a very creative website and contacts which is very necessary. To get attention: • You can give ads in your local yellow pages, wedding section of any preferred newspaper or magazines to attract business. • Blog websites such as- Wedding Bee, Style me Pretty, The Knot are few places where you can maintain and participate. • You can visit your local places related to wedding such as-florists, bridal shops, videographers, caterers, community halls and country club, decorators and build a healthy business relation with them and leave brochures with all contacts and ask for referrals. What do we recommend people do first if they're interested in wedding photography? The most important thing before getting involved with wedding photography is that you have to be in love with it first. You have to figure out first whether this job is fitting well with your personality and ability or not as this will help you to handle tough times easily. Before jumping in the field on your own, start taking baby steps and work in a reputed studio as an intern. What kind of market research need to be done when you start your business? Market research is not what is utmost necessary. All you need to have is good understanding of market value, and then decide a price quotation matching your skillset. What is a good time to start up a wedding photography business? If you have talent and ambition, anytime is a good time to start any type of business. Is the market is over-saturated yet? The market of wedding photography is indeed over-saturated. There are photographers who aren’t good at what they do. There are people who are not so skilled or technically strong Yes, the wedding photography market is incredibly over-saturated, but there are a lot of photographers out there who aren't good at what they do. The digital era of photography has opened the door for a lot of people who aren’t technically strong. The most challenging part of wedding photography is the set or the environment is constantly changing. New problems will come into the picture. So, the photographers need to have strong technical background to get past any problem in hand and to finish the matter in time. What services can a wedding photographer offer in this do-it-yourself world to remain cutting edge and in business? Most people want their photographer to take care of every little things of their wedding. Many of those clients don’t have proper photoshop knowledge or editing skills, and for that they depend on the photographers. Many clients want to do some things on their own as they are concerned about the budget while other high-end clients will prefer a photographer with an all-in-one service. What kind of training and background are necessary? You need to be an expert as far as the training goes. You must get a degree in photography first. Not just for degree but to get the proper knowledge. Then the best thing that can be done is to get an internship from a recognized studio to gain some experience. All this experience gained while working as an intern, will be extremely helpful. SOME WORDS OF ADVICE: Do wedding photography because you love it! If you do this as you need a second job, then don’t do it as it will not give you a desired result out of it. Never try to copy, and be original, ALWAYS! Clients don’t like copycats at all. While interacting with your clients, always sound responsible, consistent, professional and always stay positive with your clients.

  • news-01Head-Shot Photography

    A critical piece of many entrepreneurs’ media kit, venture-capital presentation and social-media presence, are head shots. For some professionals, a dynamic head short can make the difference between acquiring a job or losing it. A good professional photographer does have the knowledge to make someone relax in front of the camera, try out the best poses according to their nature and provide expert advises to highlight a person’s positive attributes and qualities. Some tips are mentioned below to achieve the best head shot. Equipment: In terms of choosing a camera for head shots, a lens with a large aperture (with a small f number) is a must. Such apertures are also available in smartphones nowadays. An in-camera filter can also be used as a substitute. While photographing head shots, wide-angle lens must be avoided, unless you’re trying to achieve a dramatic, artistic style photo, the subject will appear unrealistic, with imperfections amplified as in a caricature. Background: Rather than an empty sky (which is dull, reminiscent of passport photos) or one with an isolated element (that can be visible) try to have some design details. The type of background is very much important. A background that will allow your head shot to pop is the key. Blur the background as much as you can with the help of a telephoto lens, wide open, if the subject is in a crowd or busy area. Otherwise a plain background works best. Avoid having the composition being too tight as the background adds context to the image. Facial expressions: confidence matters, when it comes to facial expressions. People are need to be told that they can choose to smile (just without visible teeth) or not, but never appear too serious. In order to avoid the the dreaded “double chin”, the subject must look at the camera and the camera should always be slightly above. A photographer should always be aware of the direction of the eyes as this is very important to the composition. A facial expression practice session in front of a mirror can help a subject a lot. Composition: Avoid symmetry in the person's stance to avoid a passport-type look in a head shot. The subject can stand, sit with one shoulder in front and one turned to the back rather than having the shoulders aligned. The person will not only appear taller but also stronger and more powerful if the image is taken from a low angle. The opposite effect results, if the shot is taken from above the person. Remember, it can be unflattering for any person while shooting from the bottom up. If a photography subject chooses to look to the side, then the part of the composition where he or she is looking should have more space than the other side.

  • news-013 Things to consider before hiring a Photographer

    It is a lot like finding the right hairstylist or barber, as finding the right photographer for your start-up. There are great ones, expensive ones, lousy ones -- and cheap ones. Unfortunately, photographers need not to hold any legal regulations, restrictions and licenses. The quality of work that a photographer will produce, doesn’t have a guarantee on it. It leaves you, the potential client at risk for failure as the market have any non-professional or untrained guys who can pick up a camera and call themselves a photographer! While hiring a photographer you can keep below mentioned points to help you out. 1. Photography organizations can help. Fortunately, many photographers also realized that most of the clients felt this way too. Many self-imposed regulations and established formal organizations were created to monitor and regulate the quality of photographers were producing. Organizations like wedding.net can be of very much help. To find photographers who abide by their code of ethics, these types of organizations have their own search boards available. Most photographers have a specific domain that they specialised on, such as weddings, portraits, product photography, commercial photography, etc. Much like medical doctors, You can then narrow down each of these categories into further specializations. There are some photographer who strictly use studio lighting while others prefer natural night. Which photographer you will choose should solely depend on your creative vision and the project that you are looking to photograph. Some photographers will only shoot film, while other will only shoot digital. If your primary concern is budget as a startups and small business, we’d advise being open about that while speaking to a photographer for the first time. A creative photographer will know how to work in a adjustable budget. If you’re on a shoe-string budget, don’t expect miracles, but if you have reasonable expectations, any job is possible. A photographer should be able to advise you on what options you have to cut the cost of production but not decrease the quality of the final images. 2. Copyright 101 -- who owns the images? unless you have a written and signed work-for-hire agreement, the photographer will retain the ownership of the images they photography. Why? It is clearly stated in The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act of 1988 that the ownership of an image is retained by the person who created it. You are in fact licensing the images and not owning them. Pressing the shutter button isn’t just the job for a photographer. A combination of lighting, posing and post-processing is being used to make your idea a reality. After years of trial and error, these techniques are being learned. 3. Expect unexpected costs when hiring a photographer. You would find similarities between hiring a photographer and buying a video game console. Generally speaking, you pay for the hardware, but there is nothing else included when you buy it. You’re must buy video games in order to make the most out of the console. Its almost the same with the photographers. You should ask if the following items are covered in their estimate when inquiring about rates: Printing: Many photographers still make a living by selling physical prints even when digital photography is the current standard of photography. Unless it’s included in the photography package, you’re paying for your time on set and also paying for physical prints. As the photographer is selling a physical product, you should obviously assume there is a markup for profit regardless the photographer prints in-house or outsources the images to a print lab. As the print market has been taken over by digital photography, you will find photographers who will not offer print services. In that case, you can ask the photographer to provide you with a written consent form to print your images. To print professional quality images without a signed release from the photographer many of the print houses and print labs will refuse as they can be accused of copyright infringement. Digital rights: Many photographers will offer the digital files at an additional cost, called a Digital Rights Fee, if you don’t require physical prints and prefer digital files. A digital rights fee is basically the opportunity cost of having you walk out of their doors without charging you for print work. Mind that, the copyright of those images is not included. Makeup, hair and wardrobe: invest in a team to help primp everyone, if you’re spending thousands of rupees on anyone to photograph you, your staff or model. Spending the money to create beautiful images when your hair is halfway done, your shirt is wrinkled, your clothes are too big or your forehead is greasy, is the worst scenario. Remember that you’re investing in your brand and your self image, so invest in a team as every penny counts. A makeup artist, hairstylist and or wardrobe stylist will always be in the recommendation list of a photographer. You can generally hire freelance makeup artists and hairstylists for giving your model or staff a touch of good looks. Retouching: Most non-photographers generally overlook professional retouching cost. It can be removing small blemishes or cleaning the gloomy background, retouching is an art in its own way. It is not necessary that a great photographer will always be a great photo editor. Sometimes many photographers opt to outsource this retouching part as they can’t manage time to retouch hundreds of photos. This is why the preproduction process is so important. Consultation fees: Most clients think that a photographer is basically a freelance art director. It’s an absolute wrong notion. An art direct specializes in everything surrounding advertising, including but not limited to generating new ideas, creating designs, managing projects, etc. A photographer’s job is to take that vision and make it into a reality. Most photographers will charge consultation fees outside of a normal consultation as they have very limited time. It’s a photographer’s way of making most out of their time. This cancels out any unimportant lead for a photographer, so that they can spend their time making money just like any other entrepreneur.

  • news-01Aerial Photography

    Equipment for aerial photography is available in various styles. Telescopic aluminum masts that can be outfitted with a camera and can be extended to heights of 100 feet. Also helium-filled blimps are available which is available in sizes from 5 feet to 25 feet, which can be outfitted with cameras that reaches heights up to 1,000 feet. A tether line or a remote control can safely operate the blimps from the ground. The amazing thing is, the blimps are very inexpensive. A telescopic mast or a helium blimp, both can be fitted with digital still or video cameras or film. Government agencies, homeowners, property developers, corporations, amusement parks, golf courses, outdoor-event organizers, and sports event organizers, basically any business that needs aerial photographs of their respective event or property, can be the potential client. Little bit of training would be of help to operate the equipment.

  • news-01Tips for Unconventional Wedding Photography

    In your wedding day, a skilled photographer must chick beautiful photos of you and your partner. You both will look great on one of the most significant day of your life. So it’s just too good an opportunity to miss. Here are few unique wedding photography ideas for you if you are hoping to get something different for your wedding. MAKE THE MOST OUT OF THE VENUE At first, plan a beautiful and unusual wedding venue and try to incorporate this into your bride and groom photos. Whatever your wedding venue you are sure to be able to find a quirky aspect to use in your wedding photos. USE VARIOUS ANGLES Use your photographer to the fullest. Be bold and ask your photographer to take photos from unusual angles. If there is a way for your photographer to be looking down on you during the ceremony, the exchange of rings looks wonderful from above. THINK IT’S NOT WEDDING Try to get a photo of you and your new husband all dressed up for the wedding but doing something totally non wedding related. For example, doing the washing up, getting some shopping, or waiting for the bus. Something really different. With a touch of humor these types of photos are unique and cute! It will also make the wedding day a lighter angle. QUIT BEING THE CENTERSTAGE Ask the photographer to take a photo of anything other than you two. It can be your wedding can, or the venue or a group of guest. But while doing so, you will get caught giggling or smiling in the corner of the picture as if you are blissfully unaware of the camera. MOVEMENT WORKS GREAT TOO Movement adds extra energy to your wedding photos. Action shots are very popular. Action shots are becoming a popular alternative to static portraits, whether you are dancing, jumping, or laughing your heart out. Action shots also work very well for group photos.

  • news-01Steps to Shoot Quality Photographs

    Photography is an art that is not available and possible every time with everyone. Each and every shot that takes place from your end has something new to look over and learn which represents how creative is the photographer and its creativity that can embellish his/her shots. There are so many articles and blogs available that you came across and read to make your photography exceptional. So, to lay out better photos, you should try different tactics that can make your photography better using Photoshop, blurring, filters, Auto Stamp and many other which can help you at its best. Some of the approachable tricks that you can try to improve your photography skills are as follows: 1. Background: A photograph is that thing which has already been snapped by your eye. The art is when you capture that eye shot in perfect way like what background will make it proper like black and white, colorful, film effect or any other that can give live existence to your image. 2. Learn as much as possible: There is no one who doesn’t take click photograph. Purpose differ from person to person as some are in this field as part of profession, some as hobby while some do so as part of the occasion and so on. When you capture images, there is always something to learn from it which indicates that your photography can be better with every shot to take. 3. Camera type: Camera plays an important role and so it is required and prerequisite to know the type of camera and its features before capturing images which can fruitful for your snaps. Whether you are using a digital camera or mobile camera it is crucial to know the camera details so that every of the feature can be used and astonish pictures can be captured. If you are having a quality camera in your smartphone which can be used due to its merits over to external cameras than also you can snap great images along with some of the preferable editing applications that makes use of phone camera only. 4. Add text to Photo: This can be also said as adding value to images as when you add text to your photographers, it has its own significance which can be helpful in so many wide range. Text can be in so many forms like date and time (which indicates the WHEN), signature (indicates “HOW” i.e. the moment, sign, trademark and many other things) and last but not least is the location (indicates “WHERE”) which describes the place on the image itself. Watermarking images with text is beneficial in its own ways and also have extensible usefulness. 5. Applications: If you are making use of smartphone camera, you would wish to add some filters to it and so you can do so with plenty of apps that are available in app store. In photography application, there are so many different apps which functionalities like blurring, framing, editing and many others that can be used for making images better. Just be sure with your requirement when you look and search for the application through which you can be benefited with its app’s functionality at its best. The above mentioned are few of the tricks that you can approach to enhance your photography skills and have a classic picture collection. Photo sharing has been increased so much, which gives you clues as well as curiosity to make your images better. So make your photo sharing elegant with above-mentioned ways which will enhance your photography and maximize your photo likes when shared online.