Top wedding photography mistakes to avoid

Wedding photographs, as important as it maybe, comes with a lot of follies and overlooked aspects that could ruin it all. Here are some tips to avoid some of the biggest mistakes that could spoil your day and the capturing of your memories.

  1. Not deciding a schedule-

It is good to keep a little window period and gap amongst your wedding pictures and functions but not keeping a schedule as of how long should the photographer be involved with haldi and how long with other functions of sorts, it’s only going to be taxing for both – the photographer and for you. You’d end up taking too many pictures and exhaust yourself and the shooter.


  1. Not communicating with your photographer-
    It is very necessary to communicate as the shooter is the person who is going to capture the most important event of your life. Tell him which frame you like, what angle you love, what poses you hate and what you’d avoid for your shoot. Communication is the key to the best pictures.
  2. Letting your guests get in the way-
    We understand your guests are important but letting them get too much into your pictures should not be the scene. Keep your family close and in the pictures – it’s your day, it should be about you and your loved ones.
  3. Not hiring a professional-
    A lot of times we tend to rely on one of our best friends from school or an amateur photographer relative for all the wedding shoots but it is just plain stupid to do that. Always hire a professional – it is your day and there ain’t no room for imperfection.
  4. Avoiding details-
    A wedding is an emotion. There goes a lot into it; a lot of expressions and random acts of love. T could be that card your sister made for you or that kiss on your forehead your mom gives when she first looks at you all decked up for the day – take care of those moments and emotions. Make sure you communicate the importance of details to your photographer and preserve them forever.
  5. Smiling too much-
    It is your wedding and it is a big day, we get it, but do not smile too much, yo. Do your own thing; do not focus only on the camera. Let the photographer have a few candid shots here and there. Do not fake smiles, it can hurt your cheeks too. Let your emotion be real. Laugh, cry, sweat, swear – be you.
  6. Following the trend too much-
    Trends are important and chic, we agree, but following too much could be impractical. Colour bombs or overlooking shots could be the hot thing today but it might all look really stupid and outdated when you look back at the album years from now. Besides, following a trend can curb on the photographer’s creativity and you’d definitely not want that!
  7. Focusing only on pictures-
    This one’s simple. Calm down and look around. Enjoy your day. The pictures are not the only memories you’d want for your wedding.
  8. Looking into the camera at all times-
    Look a little here and there. Meet and greet your relatives and a long lost childhood friend. Do not always face the lens. Do your own thing and let the photographer do theirs – it might create wonders eventually!
  9. Trying to make things too perfect-
    Well, guys, this is important, do not focus too much on perfection. A stand of hair maybe out of place in one of your pictures but that picture could also be where your other half looks at you in awe and the photographer happened to click the moment. Look for beauty in imperfection and make the most of your day!

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