Tips for a pre wedding wedding shoot

Pre Wedding shoot is most sassy and in-trend activity almost every couple opts for in the present day; and well, rightly so! Just imagine the fun and the flirt involved in such a shoot. It is that phase when the couple is deeply in love, head over heels for each other, desperately waiting to tie the knot and eager to steal moments from the world.

Like any other event that marks a change, pre-wedding shoots, according to us, should be nothing less than perfection. Here, a few outfit tips you could fancy for your big shoot-

1. Do not match-
Your shoot, you need to understand, is not a fancy dress competition or a secondary school birthday party – do not be matchy matchy. When we talk about matching, its not just bout your outfit and your accessories and shoes; we also mean that you should not match with your partner. If he wears blue, you should choose anything but the same or shades of blue.

  1. Avoid shimmer and glimmer-
    A pre-wedding shoot is not your wedding shoot, hence, keep the shimmer and shine for the big day. Keep this special day simple, sober and low key.
  2. Do not overdo-
    Just like in olden days the pictures would be taken by fellow family members, gen Y knows how to add style and perfection – hence hiring a professional. So, remember, this shoot is just a symbol of cherishing your pre-wedding moments, keep it simple in all terms – accessories, make up, clothing, hair – everything.
  3. Either solid or pattern-
    As for the clothing, make sure that your outfits are either extremely simple patterned or solid. Do not wear too many colors as it could be very unpleasant and distracting to look at. Stick to the simple only until you choose white outfits; in which case you could add a pop of color in the form of a scarf or contrasting jewelry.5. Avoid clutch/bag/purse-
    Carrying your bag or clutch for the shoot could actually work as a third wheel between you and your partner. This shoot should be about intimacy and affection – say no to anything that comes between you two.
  4. Consider props-
    If you and your partner are the fun, frolic type (or either ways) you could even try involving props in the shoot. Props could be anything – oversized glasses to pla cards with funky one-liners or symbolic words; its just about using something that brings life to the pictures. The important point remains, of course, to not overdo anything.


  1. Change of clothes-
    A change can bring in variety and differentiation among the pictures. Consider a change of outfit only if you are up for the idea of wasting time and changing clothes in public. The shoot, obviously, will be in public and not all of us could be very open to the idea of changing clothes in cars or public washrooms, yo.
  2. Avoid themes-
    For a pre wedding shoot, the love between your partner and you should be more than enough to lighten up the pictures and bring life to them. Do not even consider choosing a theme or narrow imagery idea. Period.
  3. Avoid professional make-up-
    As mentioned before, keep your shoot very simple and casual. There’s gonna be enough space and opportunity for you to fulfill your fancy make up whims on the wedding, anyway!
  4. Be you-
    Above and beyond anything else – do not give up what your heart says for your shoot. Wear what you want, pose as you want, locate the shoot to your desire – do not listen to us or your photographer or us or anyone – the shoot is your and your partners, do it your way, honey!


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