Why you should choose magicallense for your wedding day?

A wedding photo shoot, lately, has been a big trend and of great importance when it comes to the planning of the big day. However, since these pictures are not just for a Facebook profile or Snapchat story, you need to make sure you pick the right photographer for the deal. Here, we introduce and explain to you, why should Magicallense be your pick for the big day-

1. Experience-
Even before getting into the details and background check of a photographer, you need to decide yourself first that what kind of photography do you need for your wedding. Should it be contemporary photography or the latest, trending, candid photography? Either ways, magiclense has had experiences in each of these and experience speaks- doesn’t it ?


  1. Specialisation –
    Magiclense is not just another wedding photographer with a watermark and copyright sign on their pictures; magiclense is a specialist. But yes, don’t believe us, hit up Google or the testimonial of your website. 😉

    glowing bulb uniqueness concept on brown wooden background
    glowing bulb uniqueness concept on brown wooden background

    3. Portfolio Sampling-
    Magiclense maintains necessary portfolios and past photography samples for your satisfaction as we believe in quality and satisfaction and we’re not about money. We make sure you’re clear about our work and also, in turn, are sure about your expectations from us.p3

  2. Professional Tools-
    As you might know or would have heard, photographers have been noticed to be tricking their customers by promising quality but delivering mediocrity. Their camera ranges from Z1 ,Z7 , P2 series which are used in professional and film related works. Magiclense believes in not victimising their customers and hence, uses only professional quality tools – and even lets you check the tools if you want to. Your big day is not just your big day.
    5. Package Shoots-
    Instead of having you hire different photographers and paying bucket load for each wedding event separately, Magiclense offers exemplary package shoots. This would not only cut down your costs but also, having the same person who understands your choices will make your shoots uniform and like worthy for you. Apart from the events of your weddings, you we are all up for pre-wedding shoots, too!

    small gift box with ribbon bow in female hand, isolated
    small gift box with ribbon bow in female hand, isolated
  3. Delivery-
    An important thing to take care of while hiring a photographer is to learn about how they deliver your memories, your photographs. Weddings understandably, leave the couple as well as the involved families tied up and busy; not leaving time for them to run after the photographer for the album. A photographer who is prompt and punctual should be a deciding factor- and magiclense promises delivery within a few days of the shoot.p6
  4. Flexible mode of payment-
    Magiclense, like many other things, is not at all restricted in terms of the mode of payment as well. We understand your convenience and feasibility, so, the mode of payment is t-o-t-a-l-l-y be your choice. An adamant and demanding firm should be a big no-no – we’re just the opposite!
  5. Justified amounts as per coverage hours-
    We might ask you for x rupees for x number of shoots but, please do not be tricked, go into the details. It is necessary to make sure if they amount is justified enough for the number of coverage hours – and magiclense pens it all down in detail before the shoot begins. We know the value of hard earned money – no games and tricks, promise!p7
  6. Choice of Film or Digital
    Film photography is when you’d be given hard copies of your finished whereas when it comes to Digital images, the photographer would give you CD or DVD for you to view your images. Magiclense doesn’t believe in putting you in dilemmas. We offer samples of both and let you choose your type, your way.p9

    10. Album Design
    In case you choose Film photography, the most, most important aspect is to choose your album design well in advance. Magiclense photographers instigates you and makes sure you’re in control of your album to not end up receiving the fondest of your memories in a design you dislike!p6


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