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Pregnancy and motherhood is world’s on e of the most miraculous and magical moment ever. Just imagine, conceiving a child, carrying a baby in your stomach and giving life to somebody – isn’t it all just wonderful? Indeed it is and so, capturing the magic of motherhood should also be no less than a wonderful experience.

Here, 10 tips to remember while a maternity photo shoot-

1. Shoot when it’s the right size-
For a maternity shoot, you obviously want your belly to be big but make sure you conduct your shoot when it is the right size of big. If the shoot happens around the 7th or 8th month, your belly will already be too large for you to be able to pose freely.

2. Wear what fits well-
The whole idea of a maternity shoot is to show off the baby you’re harbouring. Do not wear loose clothes or something that is flowy as that will not show your bump as definitely as it should. A well fitting, stretchable dress or top is recommended.


3. Choose clothes that are NOT in fashion-
The idea is for you to be able to see those pictures 10-20 years down the lane and still be proud. Wear clothes that are neutral and not in trend because, of course, the trend never lasts and you don’t’ want to be disappointed with your clothing later on, haha.


4. Confirm the photographer only when you’re sure-
A maternity shoot is not a regular shoot. It is about capturing a very beautiful time of your life, a very intimate moment and you need to make sure that you are around someone who makes you comfortable. Choose a photographer you are friendly with and you can open to.


5. Simplify-
Make sure that your maternity shoot is not very complex and complicated. Keep it as simple as possible in terms of backgrounds, location, props and poses. The beauty of a mother anticipating a child in itself is so beautiful; the shoot should speak for itself.


6. Celebrate the relationships-
Apart from the mother and the expected kid, the shoot should also highlight and celebrate all the people directly related to the mother and the coming child – a token of thanksgiving for their support. This, of course, includes the father and elder sibling/siblings if any. Actually, even the house pets for that matter.


7. Props-
Keep the props minimal but do not keep them completely off the shoot. Tiny shoes, a cradle, balloons, and placards should be used. But remember, there’s a fine line between cute and cheesy – do not let it dissolve, haha.


If the mommy is planning to show a bare belly, it is advisable to moisturize well before the shoot. The reason for this remains that a dry belly might not yield very desirable pictures as compared to a shiny, lovely baby bump.


9.Solid colour clothing-
Avoid any prints and patterns as the baby bump might get merged with the prints and prints could be distracting. Solid colour clothing is bound to highlight and focus the attention to the wonderful belly shape.

10 .Enjoy the shoot-

The most important, well, do not shy and live your shoot! Forget there’s a photographer; forget your facebook friends who are going to see your pictures. Live your shoo, live your moment, involve your baby in the belly and feel the little life inside – live your days of love. J

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